RTS: G2 Laser Optimus Prime

Well after a long time i’ve managed to get the Reveal the Sheild Deluxe Class Generation 2 Laser Optimus PRime. this was also a childhood toy which i used to have years ago.. till i lost it ._. + that was a Leader class sized >_<" sadly i didn't get to buy MakeToys' Battle Tanker set to upgrade Optimus but i didn't had enough cash.. sigh* Y u no be cheap :0. was thinking to repaint this to Scourge (nemesis prime) but i’ll need to find decepticon decals =3 articulations for this kit is not bad though but.. the Shoulders are in the way so the arms can’t really move much =/ ball join feets which is just perfect. hasbro's paintjob. not bad plenty of parts have Light Piping ;3 now i’mma gonna need to save cash again.. to get Zeydra and MakeToys Battle tanker Set

Hope You like it 🙂 Stay tune ^^

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