Toy Photography 6

Here’s an updated  post for my photography works 🙂 did some macro shots and wanted to try my wide angle Lens :] also did a photoshop in one of the pic 😉
Aperture: f22
Shutterspeed: low around 4″ and sometimes a little faster
used Self timer mode to prevent blur or double image
Table Lamp for lighting
Models: Nightstick, Ironhide, Starfighter, Lego Luke Skywalker, Steamhammer&constructicon drones, Deathstar, Spiderman 2099

My comments:” THEY SO DUSTY XD”

for more toy photography shots click the Image above ^

Some Random Illustrations

decided to  pick up on my illustrating skills with Adobe Illustrator CS5. since i don’t use it so much like i use Photoshop CS5 so why not xD .decided to find some photos and trace  them into Illustrator.. what i traced out and colored, was some My Little Pony Characters :] (there’s actually more illustrations but they’re in the iMac and i’ve forgotten to transfer them), Panty and Stocking and Master ASia