Digital Drawings. Gundam AGE-3 Fortress WIp1

Here’s my Gundam AGE-3 Digital Drawing  WIP. since i’ve been doing Ponies and thier human forms.. alot… so why not give Gundam a try. though i did it once.. which was the RX78 Gundam’s head XD did quite a number of illustrations. and doing them in different hours 8D
it was simple for me to do :3 so now i’m trying to take my illustration skills to the next level 🙂

oh also had this to do aswell

Here’s my progression

more human forms of My Little Pony xD
for now i’ve finished rarity and she actually looks like 
 shanalua from age.

gonna need to fix some parts.. and probably do some effects with photoshop once its finished 🙂

also do check out  my Other Illustration WIP on 00 Kaiser Gunformers in this photo

I think that’s about it for this post 🙂
can’t wait they day after tomorrow. because i’ll be posting WIPs (methinks) on Master Grade 1/100 Banshee Gundam 

PinkiexTwilight Digital drawing. WIP01

got bored for the whole day.. so decided to give my illustrating skills another try 🙂

so here’s my post for PInkie Pie X Twilight Human Forms Digital Drawing

well for this digital drawing ^ here was done 7hrs ago xD
so tonight’s progress  and i was like PINKIE!! WHy YouR HAIR SO HARD TO DRAW T.T””