how to color in illustrator

on the first layer. Draw any thing. (abuden) so i just drew a circle for a start and too make it simple

Next Create a 2nd Layer. Don’t delete first. i’ll show it too you when we get there

Select the image from your first Layer

Then Press (X) to fill color but remember to select the color you want

then pop up window will come out and select the colors you want.
i chose purple for this tutorial

kinda deleted one of the printscreen pic ==” ahwell. to do a simple shading. use the layer 2 that you’ve created earlier. but remember

if you want to do lightings. use Bright colors. Shadows. maybe black with lower Opacities.

Lastly. do exactly like Layer 2 but.. BUT!!! use white 🙂 so you’ll have 3 layers for each color tone. repeat the same steps you’ll get the hang of it :).


For shadings like these 2 pictures up here. Create a new layer.  draw out the shadow from your original picture. then press “i”

to select the color to fill in. then  go to your gallery

From the selection box. go to Blur>Gaussian Blurr. a box will pop up to ask how many  pixel you wanna make it blur.

results you’ll get are like the cheeks and shadows in this photo 🙂

hope this tutorial might help. as i’m not really good in tutoring or explanations.. ><

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