MG 1/100 Banshee Gundam WIP02

kinda.. not being organized with the runners XD 

Here’s today’s progression. sooo tired.. due to running up and down from my room to outside of my house a boss… ah well. needed some exercise anyways. did some more spraying and also haven’t finish the body xD. skipped the body and wanted to do the back pack first :3

here’s the chest piece. placed the parts together 
and repainted the black part with Flat black this time.
wanna use Flat Black  for this banshee like my HGUC BAnshee Gundam
haven’t put all the parts yet for the backpack. hehe 
sprayed the horn as well with Brilliant Gold
probably not using the transformable V Fins :3
sprayed the beam saber.
and gonna touch the parts  that weren’t sprayed with a black marker because the blu tack masked it.
Something needs to hold it anyways 😛
i think that’s about it for today.

really can’t wait to finish this kit. been a week and i just started it .. hahas.

Thank You For Viewing 

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