MG 1/100 Banshee Gundam WiP03

Today’s Progression so far.. i’m still at the body =w=b” managed to finish off the back pack.
started a little late today because it was raining :< so can’t spray.. but lucky it lasted for an hr and half.. so sun came out  and sprayed like a boss

slow and steady for now. usually by now the review would be up xD but i think i want to keep myself occupied for the next few days before i start my college :3
placed the front plates wrongly but i’ve adjusted it 
went out to spray more parts with flat black
and 15mins later
good thing they’re quick dry paints. 
Fixed the front plates and placed the parts that were sprayed together except the 
collar piece because i need to do its “cock”pit hatch part.. =w=”
maybe i’ll do tomorrow..
sloww and steady.. slow and steady
Thanks For Viewing
Will Keep an Update for MG Banshee Gundam

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