MG1/100 Banshee Gundam WIP 04

Another update for my Progress. still going slow 8) and its already a week old XD. can’t imagine if this was the first  model kit that gets 10 WiP posts.. probably that would be my first achievement ever.

anywho. here’s my progression so far 🙂 still did more spraying 🙂
can’t continue now because .. the weather is gonna turn dark.. and rain D:. finally finished the chest piece. and the head piece
since its a small piece i decided to paint it with black marker
head piece 
preparing to put all together
painted the horn piece with black marker
placing the horn was quite difficult .><
and now starting to do the arms. for now is the Albow torso.
made both left & Right torsos
then made a quick change to Destroy mode so that once i finish i’ll have no problem transforming it
oh if you’re wondering where’s the middle horn?

i had to respray because the paint chipped off when i was placing it ><

 so far so good :3
well that’s about it for this post. Will keep more updates for Banshee 🙂 so stay tune ^^

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