MG1/100 Banshee Gundam WIP 05

5th WIP post for today. i’m seriously going very slow on this project xD. usually when it comes to the arms.. i usually  do both at the same time but this time i just did one arm in 2 hours and i’m already out of energy XD.
 ah well. at least i’ve got something to do :3.
wanted to continue right now.. but its gonna rain sooner or later.. so might as well not ><
going slow as i am spray painting and building at the same time :3. Wouldn’t mind taking my time though. its really Fun Painting it ^u^.

So here’s my Progression So far..

with nub marks
did some sanding
lastly sprayed :3
More sanding and spraying 
more spraying XD
parts for the Armed Armor BS
Split the fingers and started spraying them with grey.. lol
split them because wanna give it more mobility :3
been doing that to most MG(that has the hands. i like this hands more. MG hands like Freedom or Strike’s are not  that good >< no idea why they used that hand for MG wing Gundam EW and Wing Zero Custom =3=”)
and za right arm is completed :3
tomorrow can start left arm :3
and if there’s still sunlight i can do the shoulders 
Soon he shall rise 🙂
That’s about it for this Post
and yes i am a Brony so don’t bother asking why there’s Ponies in my blogposts
Thank You For viewing 🙂