Beginning Gundam J – TItus

HEY PEEPS! Just bought myself 2 model kits today. Nope it’s not Beginning J i bought. Bought  the AGE-1 Titus and Spallow High grades ^^ so with TItus i decided to do a little kitbashing with Beginning J ;D and it fits perfectly like Peanut Butter and Jelly ;D

i must say that the titus Parts are really put together. maybe wanna do some sanding and painting tomorrow (if i am in the mood)

the parts its self is very well articulated ^_^ and really like the beam effects they gave for titus ^^
maybe i’ll build the chest piece when i’m doing the Sparrow ^^ might give him a repaint :3
Maybe the Blue Ninja or the Red Ninja XD

Other than Beginning J also tested the part on G-Bouncer and also went great

G-Titus Sounds like a Legit name XD

and also still working on my AGE-3 Custom @@”

need moar Weapons for him >,<

still under progress though :3