Transformers Prime: RiD Arcee

This is my post for the Transformers Prime Deluxe Class RID Arcee.

i usually don’t buy Prime so much.. but i kinda like Arcee only.. the rest is kinda “meh” to me.. but overall this is a great figure, transforming is pretty easy for this, but there are some robot parts that are exposed which you can see in vehicle mode. Small but that’s arcee since she’s small in the show. Perhaps the only female autobot in my collection >_>

love the weapon but it feels weird for a long gun on her. hehe but still a nice figure. great poses and aritculations, eyes are light piped which is really nice for her. i like the wings though . there was suppose to be a blade for this.. but kinda forgotten to place it ..xD

still a good figure to buy. though. i hope today i could get FOC Shockwave or Jazz

2 thoughts on “Transformers Prime: RiD Arcee

  1. yup, Gotta agree that Arcee’s kinda the only (almost) normal looking Autobot in the series! Optimus looked too slim to be true! =_=” Somehow, Arcee reminds me of Prowl! xD

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