Asemu & Darkhound completed


finally finished with Darkhound and Asemu. took me awhile >_> and since now in lazy mode.. kinda lazy to do the BG >_>

oh also i’ve created an acc in Deviant Arts so here’s the higher resolution

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Ponified AsemuxDarkhound WiP 02

going slow and steady =w=… still got the legs to finish >_<” but i managed to finish painting Asemu Asuno as well. so once i finish darkhound and coloring him.. maybe i’ll do a quick Photoshop to add Asemu with Darkhound. oh also i have one more sketch coming up 😉


off topic but this is also my work on Pinkie Pool xD


Ponified Asemu AsunoxDarkHound WiP01

SOmething to keep me occupied

software used is Paint Tool Sai

Kanvus Office 54 Tablet

did a sketch actually before retracing in Paint tool but it’s in the iMac and forgotten to send it >_<

Gonna merge these 2 together before i Start Painting

HG Age 1/144 Gundam Age-3 Orbital

Bought myself another new haul which is the High Grade 1/144 Gundam Age-3 Orbital mode
I must say that this is really well put out kit really love the design ever since they released the add-on spoiler images >_>.  The Orbital Add-on has very smexy legs which tempted me to buy this over United Beast Megatron XD and FOC Combaticons ;____;”
but any how, this is really a great kit.

note* was kinda lazy to build the core splender so decided to reuse my previous AGe-3 normal.
ohme.jpg. can’t wait to get Fortress

as you can see that the feet could be folded down flat so it could stand without the default gundam stand.
colors around the shoulders reminds me of a pokeball xD
Here are thrusters that helps Orbital to move fast

Action and gimmicks would be the same as the Normal Age -3 so i don’t have to go over it again

Place to store or take out the beam saber
this is the G-Viper in alternate mode.
The whole kit is really stable, and since i’ve been playing with it for quite a while now, the only down side to this figure is the Shoulder Thrusters, as it some times gets in the way for certain shoulder articulations. But overall the whole kit is great i’ll give this 9/10, worth paying for anyways:)

So that’s my post about the Gundam Age-3 Orbital, Thank you for viewing 🙂

HG Age 1/144 Gundam Age-2 Dark Hound

After a few months on not gunpla building i have finally returned and just bought myself the Gundam Age-2 Dark Hound 1/144 scaled.

So far i really like this new mold of the AGE-2.
Articulations and poses are basically the same

Different mods are

the head, chest piece, shoulders and weapon. Downside is that the visor is not clear green 😐 but there

s some other modellers which have found a way to fix that by using green clear plates. But so far yea. I really like this new mold. colors are just nice. the skull piece on the forehead and chest piece used to be default silver, then i gave a spray repaint to repaint it white to match the original color >_>. weather has been very hazy >_< so had to use my lamp to dry the paints. took a while to try with lamp. head piece reminds me of Mazinger Z and with the visor you get that Dragonball reference XD.

also i love the hooks and you get this piece of long wire to attach to the hook. Might get the Master Grade DarkHound as well :3

can’t wait to get my hands on it, and as well as HG Orbital & Fortress.

also MG Heavyarms.(got somethin special for somepony>_>)

I like this new Beam Rifle design. as in the show it could also be used as a melee weapon like the GN Sword III

which i love it >:3.  Dark Hound is simply the BAd-ass Mobile suit and as well as the pilot himself Asemu Asuno.

Strider mode looks not bad though looks nicer than Double Bullet’s Strider mode :|.

Gotta say this is a Must get Model Kit even though it doesn’t make a diff between the current AGE-2 but i really love this one alot!!


That’s about it for my post on Gundam Age-2 Dark Hound

Thank You For Viewing 🙂

Digital Art with Youmu

Okay to start off with my post, this is my first Touhou Character i drew which is Youmu Konpaku, software i used is Paint Tool Sai, and a Kanvus Office 54 Tablet.. so what i did was some small research on Youmu and some references as well, then did a rough sketch with a pencil
next yet use the 1.0 out line pent to trace out her  out and erase the pencil lines out
right after that i exported it into the Paint Tool sai and used the pen tool to trace her out one more time xD only used one layer for Youmu

OKay next, i create number of layers under the trace out layer and start painting with the normal brush tool and start painting xD. took me 2 days to finish this .____.”
Killing 2 birds with one stone XD
And the Results :
kinda noobish >,> but Practice makes perfect 8’D been going through loads of Tutorials and speed painting videos lately hehe
one of my fave Speed paint videos is this one
really love how he/she did the eyes .__.” i izz jelleh DX
Also another off topic post.
Here’s a video on how to transform Optimus Primal based on my previous post
Click here to view Optimus Primal’s Post
So anyways thanks for viewing 🙂 Hope You Like it.
Was gonna upload into DeviantArts. but i kinda forgotten my Username and Password xD
Do comment on what you think 🙂 i could use some feedbacks to improve more 🙂