Gundam Age FX

Finally Completed building up the High Grade 1/144 Gundam Age-FX  and I must say that is a very well put out model. Really love the design and features of this kit and pretty accurate to what is in the Anime itself. I think I have completed the Asuno Family Gundams xD since i have Gundam Age-1, Age-2 (Darkhound and Double Bullet), Age-3 (Orbital/Normal) and this one XD. LAwl. Just waiting for Bandai to make Age-1 Granza. Kinda like that one over the current add-ons Age-1 had previously :v. This kit doesn’t come BEAM SABER PARTS~~~ but if you the previous Age models, you can probably use ehm :v

This one use quite a lot of stickers >_< especially the chest piece >_< was thinking it would be clear green.. but i has no clear green paint to paint it :< so used stickers 


Here we have the Beam Rifle which i kinda like the idea that it becomes a Bazooka at the same time ~~~ some how reminds me of Astrea Type F’s GN Bazooka~~

Action & Gimmicks

Action and poses are just simply epic for this Kit. but there are some downsides

like for example the arm pads which holds either a beamsaber or the  C Funnel bits intent to get in the way when it comes to holding the bazooka or gun which makes it look pretty off, but thanks to ZD managed to solve it’s problem 🙂

Solution is just by putting the Beam pads in a different direction to have it hold the gun much more nicer >_>

also the beam rifle has this 2nd mode where the caps expand to give it a hyper blast shot~~

this is the only best pose i could give for it holding the bazooka, >_> because the bazooka parts keep popping off if u tried to bend the arm .

here we have the C Funnel Bits. Pretty legit, but some how they’re pretty weak pegs when they’re being slot to the Ring Stand 😐

so some might pop off easily >_<

Oh and one more thing.. forgotten to take snap shot of the core fighter, but You can google it up for how it looks like >_>

sorry mates 😛

To End my post, I would like to say that this is a very good kit, for my taste i’de give this 9/10 Stars and worth buying.

Pros: Good Articulations

Details are good


smexy legs O//O

Cons: head pops off

Loose Funnels

the Bazooka popping off

Elbow joint pushes forward

That Wraps up everything about FX (From my point of view anyways >_>)

So Thank You For viewing 🙂

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