Crop Crop and Edit edit edit… Background :P

edit 2 photos… lazy 2 Sequence them =A=.. anyways.. edited THE ROCK and Putrajaya Mosque… did the background ^^ lighting and and the shadow too. ^^ power of element 9 but sucks ==”

College Assignment Computer Introduction Part 2

what i learned today is photoshopping this TEXT Edits.. yes learned how to Create a 2d to a 3D.well for mine of course cuz i’m using a MAC… zzzzzz sad.. but anyways.. i like this ;D

College Assignment Computer Introduction

what i learn today for computer introduction once again. Learn Cropping Skills, CMYK RGB and other PhotoShop stuff. It was really fun doing it all over again and maybe i can have Good PHotoshop skills and probably use it for my own use like for pics i take everyday. Photoshop can be use for Editing and giving special effects. It also can be use for making Awesome Effects XD