Asemu & Darkhound completed


finally finished with Darkhound and Asemu. took me awhile >_> and since now in lazy mode.. kinda lazy to do the BG >_>

oh also i’ve created an acc in Deviant Arts so here’s the higher resolution

do add me in Deviant arts 🙂 

Ponified AsemuxDarkhound WiP 02

going slow and steady =w=… still got the legs to finish >_<” but i managed to finish painting Asemu Asuno as well. so once i finish darkhound and coloring him.. maybe i’ll do a quick Photoshop to add Asemu with Darkhound. oh also i have one more sketch coming up 😉


off topic but this is also my work on Pinkie Pool xD


Ponified Asemu AsunoxDarkHound WiP01

SOmething to keep me occupied

software used is Paint Tool Sai

Kanvus Office 54 Tablet

did a sketch actually before retracing in Paint tool but it’s in the iMac and forgotten to send it >_<

Gonna merge these 2 together before i Start Painting

PinkiexTwilight Digital drawing. WIP01

got bored for the whole day.. so decided to give my illustrating skills another try 🙂

so here’s my post for PInkie Pie X Twilight Human Forms Digital Drawing

well for this digital drawing ^ here was done 7hrs ago xD
so tonight’s progress  and i was like PINKIE!! WHy YouR HAIR SO HARD TO DRAW T.T””