Gundam AGe-2 Custom WIP02

today’s Progression for this. Custom. Posting 2 Pictures to compare which is better.
the one with a GN SWord III or the Original Gun.
don’t know which to choose because both Weapons looks good on it ><
2nd thing was whether to make it still transformable or not =/.. grrrrr ><

painted the edges of the wings with green =3
How typical 00 of me 
Le me add le rocket pack from HG Astrea TYPEF2

Jet mode

Comment below to suggest (just write 1 or 2 or other mods you can suggest^^) 

Gundam Age-2 Custom WIP01

New Project to do.. still a prototype though. but i Cemented the knee armor from the HG00 7swords/g so now its has GN katana.. and also.. used the back thrusters from Zabanya.. (talk about sacrificing XD). maybe this won’t be a transformable Mobile Suit

just snapfit the  custom first..

good thing that the GN SWord III might be in good use =)
back side looks okay i guess.. but i’ll have to see what others think 😉
first Thoughts were funnels..and i was thinking on using 00 Quanta’s but not too sure where to add xD  

stay tune for the next post =)