HG Age 1/144 Gundam Age-2 Dark Hound

After a few months on not gunpla building i have finally returned and just bought myself the Gundam Age-2 Dark Hound 1/144 scaled.

So far i really like this new mold of the AGE-2.
Articulations and poses are basically the same

Different mods are

the head, chest piece, shoulders and weapon. Downside is that the visor is not clear green 😐 but there

s some other modellers which have found a way to fix that by using green clear plates. But so far yea. I really like this new mold. colors are just nice. the skull piece on the forehead and chest piece used to be default silver, then i gave a spray repaint to repaint it white to match the original color >_>. weather has been very hazy >_< so had to use my lamp to dry the paints. took a while to try with lamp. head piece reminds me of Mazinger Z and with the visor you get that Dragonball reference XD.

also i love the hooks and you get this piece of long wire to attach to the hook. Might get the Master Grade DarkHound as well :3

can’t wait to get my hands on it, and as well as HG Orbital & Fortress.

also MG Heavyarms.(got somethin special for somepony>_>)

I like this new Beam Rifle design. as in the show it could also be used as a melee weapon like the GN Sword III

which i love it >:3.  Dark Hound is simply the BAd-ass Mobile suit and as well as the pilot himself Asemu Asuno.

Strider mode looks not bad though looks nicer than Double Bullet’s Strider mode :|.

Gotta say this is a Must get Model Kit even though it doesn’t make a diff between the current AGE-2 but i really love this one alot!!


That’s about it for my post on Gundam Age-2 Dark Hound

Thank You For Viewing 🙂

Gundam Age-2 Custom Repaint Completed

Gundam Age-2 Custom Repaint Wip02

Here’s another update on my Custom Repaint Gundam AGE-2. Haven’t been touching it because of my college Homeworks.. @@”

coming in every claSSES ><“” Taking this slow and steady because i need to make time for Homework .. >< sooo Much.. essay X_X”


so here’s my pRogression so far 😉

Gundam AGE-2 Custom repaint wip1

Something struck me. Just for some reason I felt like repainting my AGE-2 all of a sudden.

My plan for my color scheme is very simple. just Red and Black, and just leaving the greens, greys and yellows as they are. not too sure why though >> lololol ah well i’ve already started painting anyways . i wanna get Bosny Red Spray. Krystal.. is slow in drying >_<” and Thick.

so here’s my progression so far

HG AGE Gundam Age 2

Here’s a post of my Gundam Age 2. suppose to post it.. couple of days ago.. but i kinda forgotten :P. love building this kit 😀 and also spray painted the blue sections.. 

no regrets on him though =D love the design for this kit. also hopes for an MG Scale for Age-2 =D

the jet mode is also a nice design. my first taught was customizing AGE-2.. but i’m not too sure what to add XD + i’ll also have to think on how he’s gonna transform ><

great articulations. Very SMEXY POSES!! XD

well that’s the end of the post =D