Post no. 1001. Gundam F91 Part II

This is the 2nd Post for F91.

been awhile since i last updated on gundam Posts in this blog ….. Too many Transformers had been poisoning me >_< Mostly on the G1 .okay going off topic
 here’s some pics on the F91 redecaled the destroyed decal =.= and it has a little big of… torn ==”
 also  added some decals to it ^^
Enjoy the pics ^^

Love this pose a lot ^^
End of the POst .Thank You For Viewing ^_____^

Gundam F91 Review Part 1

Finished the Base stand. and i’m reviewing this without it shooting the Rafflesia  =)
So i can say .. its a Small MG.. LOL he’s like the size of the 1/144 Gespents .. LOLOLOLL but i really love this kit. its a Good Choice on buying it ^^.

and i still haven’t replace the Torn Decal .. LOLOLOLOLOLOL

Face Open
Actually it flips. .LOLZ
Front view

Rear View
Actions and Gimmicks:

Beam Rifle โˆš

Hyper Bazooka โˆš

ReShot without Flash. Really goes well. like the first Picture
Blasters โˆš
if it weren’t for F91.. Freedom Gundam wouldn’t have existed XD
Plasma Shield and Beam Saber โˆš
Faceopen mode

hentai Tentacles Base Stand ermemr sidakmdi sjfaaf i mean Rafflesia =)

Will Upload more pictures Tomorrow ^___^
THank You For VIewing ^___^

Gundam F91 Completed

Just completed the Gundam F91. So far so good. ITS Only COmpleted.. but i haven’t placed the decals yet haha. So
Gonna add decals and finish the Base Stand and i’ll review it up tomorrow ^__^
Fast Right? i know =,=”

Gundam F91 WIP II

Here’s today’s Update WIP For Gundam F91
right after coming back from Prayers, quick change of clothes and continued building up the F91. took a short break and had an Early lunch which was Mushroom Rice and Lamb Curry.. mmmmmmmmm Lamb. .=~=

Hand Painted the chest with marker. goes well with it though.. well to me..

doing up the right arm first. used the nail filer to sand the nubs(after it was trimmed) then used Black Marker to paint it a little bit and used the cotton bud to wipe it =)

Sadly this part of the fingers were not ball joints like the other MGs. don’t know whether to Split ehm UP.

Should I or Should I not Separate?

So for the timing i’ll just put ehm like this first. and think whether to Separate or not Separate the fingers =/

Added the “F” Decal first since it’s easier to review xD
2nd Decal fail ! T_T” it keeps coming off when i was placing it with Selofin(or however its spelled) tape
RAWWRR T__T” lucky there’s one more.. but kinda lazy to remove it and placing it =P
Here’s my progression so far. Will continue later cuz now little bit tired =)
wanna rest first haha don’t wanna get this done to soon or i’ll got nothing to do ><
i can say this is a Simple Design. kinda like it ^__^
To be Continued…………………………………………….

Gundam F91 WIP 1

Woohoo got an Early Birthday Present from mom which is the MG 1/100 Gundam F9.
Started this dude around 6.15pm in the evening because was doing something else and just came back from Jusco. Yes I bought it at Jusco ๐Ÿ˜› Oh Btw.
I”M IN THE GUNPLA PHASE ONCE MORE! !BWHAHAHA uhmm Gespents Doesn’t Count ๐Ÿ˜›

Anyways Here is my Progression So far :

My Cutter.. she’s getting Rusty >_<
With Nubs and no Panel Lining
Now without Nubs and with Pane Linings ๐Ÿ˜€

so i’ve stopped from here. only did a  few parts of chest cuz i was doing some revising for Bahasa Malaysia =,=” and SPm is like 9days time.. and i’m still on the PC. sooooo  its Books vs Models vs College Assignments. RAAWWRR >_<

Thank You For Viewing =) will Continue Tomorrow after Prayers.