Beginning Gundam J – TItus

HEY PEEPS! Just bought myself 2 model kits today. Nope it’s not Beginning J i bought. Bought  the AGE-1 Titus and Spallow High grades ^^ so with TItus i decided to do a little kitbashing with Beginning J ;D and it fits perfectly like Peanut Butter and Jelly ;D

i must say that the titus Parts are really put together. maybe wanna do some sanding and painting tomorrow (if i am in the mood)

the parts its self is very well articulated ^_^ and really like the beam effects they gave for titus ^^
maybe i’ll build the chest piece when i’m doing the Sparrow ^^ might give him a repaint :3
Maybe the Blue Ninja or the Red Ninja XD

Other than Beginning J also tested the part on G-Bouncer and also went great

G-Titus Sounds like a Legit name XD

and also still working on my AGE-3 Custom @@”

need moar Weapons for him >,<

still under progress though :3

HGAGE 1/144 G-Bouncer

Quick Build for the HGAGE G-bouncer which i got today hehehe. also got my Retaked SPM Cert and got an E for BM.. ah well.. its a pass. anyways.. so decided to reward myself with something so bought G-Bouncer. Which some how i like the design. Similar  to the G-EXES.

great kit though. didn’t  have any plans on repaints or customization for him. he’s like a White version for Batman.. heheheheh xD

dissapointment was the hook. was not greenish enough like the box art =/ or the show. was thinking something more 00 Concept?

Great Articulations and does dynamic poses 😀

HG Age G-EXES Nemesis Prime Custom

Finished this Kit 😀 Painted it with Marker because the day was gloomy so decided to use markers =3 yes.. there’s still paint chipping off >_< Keep Forgetting to add Primer.. sigh*. ah well.


THis is really a great kit . kinda relate to. Optimus Prime though LOL..

Here’s pictures of my G-EXES =)


RG 1/144 Freedom Gundam Completed

THis post was suppose to be in the Mecha X Kamen Rider.. But apparently the photobucket website is under maintenance usually use Photobucket to put my photos in my blogz.. So decided to post it here and use the Blogger Post  Extension in my Chrome ^^

So far this Model Kit is not bad though.. But sad thing for RGs.. they fall off pretty easily and joints becomes weak.. just finished placing the decals. well not all though xD .

Front View

Rear View

The extra Hands.

Actions And Gimmicks for this is really good. except u have to be really careful or the parts will fall

That’s the End of the post =)

Something Random

Haven’t quite get  this blog active.. eventhough i booked marked it i still went to my First Blog.. LOLZ…..


I’ve been getting Quite alot of Transformers Lately.. and kinda hard to get Gundams nowadays X_X not that there’s no stock or anything. but Transformers has been Poisnoning Me… Like a LOT.. Especially the Generations Series.. Sadly its hard to get the WFCs =-=” managed to get like 2 of ehm… sigh*…


SPray painted the head of the HGUC Jesta… cuz needed to balance the color.. apparently i need to like repaint some parts of the Jesta to White.. LOLZ

but kinda lazy nowadays due to my Presentation which is next week.. hOpe can get through.

No recent Customs either due to lack of Cement and no Pla Plates =-=”