MG Figure-Rise Kamen Rider W Cyclone Metal & Heat Joker Photo Edits

Did a little bit of photography on these 2 hehehehhe xD than decided to give some Photoshop Effects. With Twisters and Flame =)

found a Flame Brush Tool and a Twister Brush for the Photoshop. bwahahhaha xD . Click the images to Enlarge ehm cuz i placed them as Gallery mode ;). Enjoy ^^ Still Practicing though.. i wish i had the Original Versions for CS Master Collection 5.5.. its like $$$$$.. mac user is seriously hard when it comes to program ><. and i dunno how to crack the CS 5 Master Collection 5.5 on my laptop >_<

MG Figure-Rise Kamen Rider W

Here’s the post for the Master Grade Figure-Rise 1/8 Scaled  Kamen Rider W Cyclone Joker.

Really Love this kit. and now i’ve got nothing else to build xD nothing to do but just to play Team Fortress 2 to pass time xD

this is my 2nd Kamen Rider in my collection.. only have 2 right now =3=.. i used to have Black Rx and Robo Rider (was another brand and was way long ago) .. then i lost ehm =( sigh* =3=. I’ve already posted the pics On my 2nd Blog Mecha X Kamen Rider. u can find around the Blog Roll hehehehhe ^^.

for this post  i was also testing my Photography Skills heheheh since the weather was a little bit gloomy today.. decided to take photos at home.. wanted to take ehm outside.. xD

End of the pOst~~

Kamen Rider W Cyclone Joker MG Figure-Rise WIP1

okay i’ve got so bored easily.. so decided to build up the Kamen Rider W. built up the W Driver and the Gaia Memories first.. then i moved on the neck and Head. really need Lunar Trigger or maybe Heat Metal.  oh well.  also used Gold and Silver marker to paint the tip of the Gaia Memory. Progression so far.. cuz i just started =P. maybe I’ll Continue Moore Tomorrow