MG 1/100 RX78 Gundam Completed.

i’ve Finally finished the Model Kit Master Grade 1/100 RX78 Gundam.
the Grandaddy of All Mobile Suits and the First EVA MADE!.
So far this is really a great Kit Something worth getting ^^ well if you love the details
try the OYW version.
The disadvantage for this kit is the waist articulations. Can’t move 180º so much =/
but others are really good ^^ didn’t use the 30th Anniversary Clear parts though hehehehehhe 😛
Front View
Rear View

Action & Gimmicks
Core Fighter,Attachments & Misc.
you can attach both Beam Rifle and Hyper Bazooka
and also place the Bazooka under the arm xD
Core Fighter
Weapons: Beam javelin (unpainted), Hammer, Super Napalm, Hyper Bazooka
Beam Rifle and Beam Saber x2
Successfully finished so next to build is the Kamen Rider W MG Figure-Rise. won’t be updating that one on this blog 😉 even there’s Kamen rider in the Blog Name.
end of the post~ =)

MG Rx78 Gundam WIP04

here’s today’s WIP. was doing part of the feet yesterday nite and continued about 2hours ago after breakfast ^3^.
 so now i’ve finished the legs and attached to the waist. so i just need to add in the decals and is up on the blog =3

painted the side of the windows white. then used a tooth pick to remove the smudges

MG Rx78 Gundam WIP3

Did the arms after coming back from friday prayers… . so then continued more till night like around 7.30pm. only did the waist xD 
also finished off the Beam rifle and the Sheild.
really need a cement right now. >< so maybe i can cut out the flat parts from the runners and make some extra details.. plenty of Empty Spaces on the chest and the shoulders. 
so starting the legs , Beam Javelin  and the Hyper Bazooka.
for the eyes when i was doing the head (which i kinda forgot to take photo)
i hand painted with Markers.. looks like this one is Sticker Free xD 
Fingers separated. which is my favourite part on doing the arms xD 
So LEGS are tomorrow =3= then probably start with the Kamen Rider W he is waiting and is very tempting to build 
Progression So far.
The Shield is BIG! xD
End of the post

MG RX78 Gundam WIP02

Here;s the 2nd post. woke around 10am. lolz.. slept late xD but i still woke up for prayers.. then went back to sleep =v=. Just Finished the body maybe later will do the arms and legs… and the waist and head.. i can say this is gonna be a short built..
added little more silver to the parts b4 cutting
took me 2hours to do the body xD

added a little gold to highlight
painted the blue armor.. haven’t done it on the Core fighter though xD
also haven’t added the collar yet xD

gotta see if the legs or arms have any challange for me to face >:3 :challangeaccepted:
can’t wait to build up Kamen Rider W hehehehhehehehe xD .
End Of the post ^^ stay tune for wip3

MG 1/100 RX78 Gundam WIP 01

decided to start off with the RX gundam. hehehehe so far i just finished the Core Fighter xD. Really love the design ^^ and iz the GRANDADDY OF ALL GUNDAMS!, oh and also Photobucket is Available again xD. also i’ve finished with the RG Freedom. its right under this post.

just did some panel lining. had a hard time placing the
top fin. nearly broke it though lucky there was critical conditions xD
and Look an Unpainted Amuro Ray xD
Not really pro in Micro Painting.. so i’mma gonna leave it.
Thrusters painted it with Silver marker. Before placing them 
Hand Painted them with marker ^^
well before i will start anything.. decide to give some parts a little painting 😉 with Silver and GOld.
TO Give it that mechanical effect. 
i still find the gold rather like the Gundam marker. pale >_<
Can’t wait to start building this tomorrow ^3^.
End of the post~ =)