Steady Hands Wing :D

After much fuzz i finally manage to have this wing to hold the Buster Rifle with one arm. If you are thinking that its still MG it aint;) borrowed it from the NG Cherudim Custom (the one i made :P). Lucky it was a PErfect Fit HOORAAAY 😀
so i can just use the MG hand to hold the beam saber :))

MG Wing Gundam EW

I’ve been waiting for this kit to arrive in Jb for 2months now and i finally got it ^^ Why didn’t get the old Ver KA u say? can’t find it 😦 Why not buy it online? parents said no ==” anyways.. i chose this kit is because I LOVE WING GUNDAM ^^ I hope bandai makes a Wing Zero Gundam (TV Series version). what i need now is MG Shenglong. and 2 more EW MGs coming out >:D MG Sandrock and MG Heavyarms FTW!