Alteisen Riese Completed

Finished Building this Kit :3.. well.. only Building xD haven’t finish painting the Wings on the Shoulders =3. this is  also My 2nd  Kotobukiya Kit
Okay.. Here’s my review for this Kit. This is really a GReat KIT! and Worth paying 200RM for :3 so far Nothing Broke WHile Building this Model kit ๐Ÿ˜€ unlike the Gespenst =3=. what he needs now is Rein Weisstter for a Partner ๐Ÿ˜€ .

Here’s Pictures of The Alteisen Riese

Post Reupdated .. Managed to Upload the Photos In :)..
Any who.. THis is really a great Kit ๐Ÿ™‚ dissapointment..hmmmmm well its the skirt.. kinda hard to pose.. with skirt that gives it Limitless Articulations =/ just the sides of the skirts..sigh*.. if i wanna glue it i’ll have to think twice =(
that’s the end Of the POst +3

Gespents MK II Part III

Here’s Part III =3 did little touch ups sprayed some parts with chrome.. sadly it became flat colors in the end.. and less glossy cuz didn’t add Glossy Black Primer >__<  Apparently the Spray Paint i used didn’t dry that fast =/ now there’s like Finger Prints on the sprayed sections -_-. Where’s THE SUN!!!!!!!!! Its been raining for the pass few days D:

Lets be Friends :troll: 
If i ever have the hobby items i need .. i wish to do this gespents. its gonna be a lot of work for this cuz of its details and back pack ><. but really effin Love this Design From Crying Wolf.
well if there’s a Model kit for This one than no problem for me hahahahahaa
Was browsing through some Gespents Stuff and Found this!!! the Kyoske Nanbu’s Gespents  Altiesen Ver!!!!! wonder if are those Parts Resin Kits? or is this gonna be Release.. if it is.. its So on my wish list *3* Super Poisoning .


Thank You For Viewing ^___^

Gespenst MK II Part II

Here’s the 2nd post of the 1/144 Gespents MKII. manage to do some Dynamic Poses… i think -_-“
anyways.. i can’t beat Bd77’s battle scenes xD.
Lazy to do the pop up clouds…
When my Bandai Models Gives a Warm Welcome to Kotobukiya
Kamen Rider: Howdy! Points*. Saa Omae No Tsumi Kazearo
Gundam: Hello and welcome to………

Ignore the Mister Potato…… xD maybe he’s a Transformer In Disguise xD

Small Beam Saber vs Big Beam Saber xD

I’mma gonna keep this head.. bwahahahahhahahahhahahha

and so it begins

End of the Post. Will Put Up PArt III for Gespents ^__^

Gespents MK II Completed part I (sort of..)

Finally completed the 1/144 Full Scale kit Gespents MKII. took 2 days… or was it 3?
ah well anyways.. here’s Pictures of the Completed Gespents MKII.
what can i say? don’t know whether to buy another Kotobukiya again…. great… how to buy Altiesen Riese T_T”

and looky i found the missing piece.. ^_^. turns out it ended up on the other side of the table ==”.. damn for small parts

didn’t quite do much panel lining though. not that i’m being lazy or anything..

Front View

Rear View

Actions & Gimmicks: hmm for this .. Ball Joints are holding the legs.. so i can’t do much dynamic POses. Prefer if was like a Rod type where it can go 90 degrees. Here are some Pictures for Action & Gimmicks:
Beam Rifle โˆš
Beam Saber โˆš 
Going Kung Fu on you โˆš
uhmm.. forgot what’s this pose named again >< X
Comparing with Gunpla
I’m using JEsta as a reference because i was wondering..hmm Gespents looks kinda bigger for a 1/144 scale.. so tested the experiment.. 
we’re the same hahahahahaha Bro Fists*

 ^__^. not really sure whether on getting another Kotobukiya or not….. meh…. ><“


Till the next Post. might do one more or 2

Gespents MK II WIP III

i’m nearly there. just 2 more parts to finish off and its reviewing time .

uhm.. yea.. as i was building both legs.. one of the part broke =-=” i was like wtf?.. no cement.. tried putty and runner parts and UHU Glue.. gonna leave it outside till it hardens.. omg ==””

i don’t know what i’m doing  but its gonna be ugly =o=”

its gonna be weird.. so thinking to do the same on the right one
Since the left food is still under Progress i’ve decided not to give up on this kit since i wanted it so badly and did the right leg first. so before anything. i panel line the exhaust fumes for the knee

finishing up the remaining hands. man that Beam saber is like a Chopstick.. especially for a 1/144 .LOL

thrusters view.. CHrome… didn’t have Gloss Black Primer.. if not it will look more GLossier… this is like 50/50 shiny. =(

MY Progression so far
so stay tune for more =)

He’s gonna be up real soon bwahahahahhahhahahaha

Gespents MK II WIP2

Painted those cylinder sections with red.. and now there’s smudges coming out

here’s today’s WIP2. did the waist first this time..before doing the shoulders and arms.. LOL
kinda lazy nowadays.. haiz.. not good.. need to get my head in the game again ><


using this brand MR D.I.Y
no its not a jap brand..
bought it in a DIY store in Tesco XD

painted the blast fews.or whatever its called xD

Beam Saber.. this came with .. 5 Beam sabers.. lol maybe others as spares..

Missing Piece..why?.. as i was placing it.. it came off and flew somewhere =,=”” great.. now how am i gonna replace this…

Left arm finished.. sort of ==” missing part.. RAWRR FFFUUU!

ah well.. this is reupdate on the  post