Toy Photography 6

been along time since i last updated a toy photography posts xD

so here’s my recent photographs which i took yesterday, day before,, and 3 days ago. methinks xD did some photoshop work also 🙂


“Take the Matrix and lead the Autobots to Victory”
Models: RTS Generation 2 Laser Optimus Prime &
Reveal The Sheild Rodimus Prime/Hot Rod (including Matrix of Leadership)
Aperture: f22
Shutter speed: 20″
Software: Photoshop CS5


“Dashin PartII”
Model: Rodimus Prime
Iso 100
Shutter speed: 1o”
software: Photoshopped CS5
“decided to use some of the blurs in the filter gallery.. well.. just used 2 of ehm. Motion Blur and Radial blur :3″


Let’s so some Dashin
Model: RTS Rodimus Prime/HotRod
Software: Photoshop CS5

Macro Lens Test Shot -3

Practicing on macro shots :3 indoors for me. is 50/50 since i’m most of the time inside….. playing team fortress 2… watching … My little Pony…..watching..hentai…..waits.. for Gundam AGe- 3 next episode…… so decided to practice macro shots since i’ve got college assignments to finish. and present it on wednesday o.O” and then movin to a new College soon. Raffles College. so maybe that time.. i’m gonna temporarily not buying any Gundam or Transformers. its time to save up again. anyways

Note* you can click the Pictures to view clearer :3 or
Ctrl+Shift+F for full screen :]

Here’s my Shots
Macro Lens range 52mm
Camera Lens Range 55

Camera:NIkon D3100

ISO 100
aperture: 100
Tools>:Paper, Mirror,Table Lamp and black paper
Models and creature: Caterpillar, optimus Primes and DOTM StarScream and DOTM Shockwave


Macro Lens Test Shot-2

Bought myself a Macro Lens decided to give it a test shot with my transformers. and never thought i’de see tiny dust on ehm xD

used the old Gundam manual to reflect the flash and a mirror as a base (credits to Martin) and the pictures turned out alright =]

Click the pictures to Enlarge 🙂

MAcro Lens Test Shot

Note* the lens i used is not mine =) i borrowed it from a friend =3.

just simple shots though =) used the G2 Laser Optimus and the Avengers Ironman


Laptop Photography or somethin like that

was bored so decided to do some really random today. used the miniature sized Diecast Starwars collection well my starwars collection is small though XD