Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters Voyager Class Ultra Magnus

Hey peeps! what’s up? it’s been a really long time since i last updated something inside hehe, been lazy and all =w= so anyways after for a month or 2 bought myself something nice which is the TransformersPrime Ultra Magnus. For a retool of the RiD Optimus Prime, I must say this is a very nice mold. hmm colors well i find ehm too bright, not sure why sky blue but lol yea. i like the RiD Color since it suits Magnus more, but lol yea”Hasbro”. here’s a short post for Magnus~


you can add missiles on the shoulder pads but i don’t think they actually launch like most transformers toy does or maybe i just didn’t find the button


extra clip on the shoulder pads to add the missles. Geewun like lolol


i like the silver painted hammer but at the same time i still wish they painted it like the show. i wish i could but i don’t have the colors


Wing Comparison with Optimus Prime


there’s a peg hole at the backpack where you can store the hammer


Weapons and accessories


originally the tyres were all black, so decided to give it some touch ups


upclose of the head :3 love the head mold 😀 and i think it runs on ball joint just that it can’t look up or down

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