Convoy Ready to Spray

ALso I would like you to meet my new Mascot Fluttershy ;3 Ore Wa Brony Desu 🙂

ok i’ve finally done upgrading the Convoy and has decided to color it to match with either one of the Optimus Prime.

Here’s the first post of the Convoy+WFCOptimus note* that one was the first version XD

my thoughts is either to paint it Blue or white. Blue with White Stripe, Black. and Black and red. sooo not too sure ><”

do leave a comment on which color is good for the Convoy

Also i made my own Double barrel Gun for G2 Optimus and it fits perfectly

G2 Laser Optimus Prime + Custom Convoy

tested the custom convoy(which i was suppose to paint it -_-) on the G2 Optimus and it really looks great :3. now this Convoy can be set for 2 Optimus Primes

WFC:OPtimus Prime and G2 Laser Optimus Prime

here’s a shortpost for the Convoy

i really wish i could upgrade the convoy to turn it into a battle armor =<

Optimus+ Custom COnvoy