HG 1/144 Zabanya Gundam

Here’s my Review on the 1/144 HG Zabanya Gundam ^^. used Metallic Green for this Zabanya XD took me 2 days to finish painting the whole thing ==” well its better than not doing anything at all =P
I used those sticks from the SF FBM.. poor guy.. looks like imma gonna hve to cut out some runners for the dragoons to hold =P

the metallic green ZABANYA XD

Credits to TOY ROOM

i would like to thank Kelvin for this technique ^^ by separating the sheilds.. its now funtional ^^ XD will repaint it metallic green later ^^ THANKS!!!!!!

HG 1/144 Zabanya WIP2

today did the legs.. and the waist.. and its not finished yet nyahahahhah XD this time taking my time to build it =P. sadly this kit has only 2 Guns and to functional shield ==” sigh*painted most the greens Metallic.. hope nothing happens to it =(.

HG 1/144 Zabanya WIP1

here’s my WIP on the HG OO Series Zabanya. So.. well i’m now doing the body and the arms.. which i forgot the upload the pics for the arms LOL..anyways.. for the forehead clear part thingy. i had to use red marker.. cuz i don’t have purple =P. and the green used metallic Green.. i hope it doesn’t turn Black like GOld mArker==”
also painted the inside torso where the circular clear part is ^^