Takara Tomy Transformers United: Optimus Primal

Finally After many months on being slightly patient i have bought the Optimus Primal x3 Even for a Deluxe size figure Optimus Primal is packaged in a box which is twice it’s size LOL. A very Voyager Box Packaging xD.

Gotta love the packaging. funny that the box is twice the size as the figure xD it could fit a voyager XD
I must say i really like the figure.. and through my whole life.. i finally got my hands on Optimus Primal. inb4 this i never bought Primal D: well maybe it was 2 Transmetal and Beast Machine. but not the original one himself. but for this Optimus.. he’s kinda the Cybertron Edition because it comes with the POwer up- Key which opens up the surfboard
 to be a blaster. Funny how it relates to the Transmetal and the Original together. sadly this doesn’t have shoulder pads. but i’m okay with it.
hmm doesn’t expose obvious parts in Beast Mode and the Robot mode as well. except the feet.. in Robot mode
transformation is easy. it’s like turning him upside down
He’s got a nice head sculpture which i rike >;3. been thinking whether to paint the mouth with metallic blue? idk
Articulation is not bad. wish they’ed given the hands 360 ariticulations 😐
my figure for this is pretty stiff some joints are kinda tight . but it’ll get used it to it.
Details is pretty good
I like the beast mode though. but wished the colors were slightly grey for the face and the chest
also realized the Maximal Logo is not on the figure =3=” grrrr
So yeah. that wraps up about Primal. figure i’de give around 9/10.
Beast Mode
 Monkey on a Surfboard LOL
The fur details is pretty good and as well as the muscle pipes? not sure  blends in together
Robot Form:
macro shot the face. so i was actually thinking to whether to paint the mouth blue like the original itself
HEre’s a size comparison with FOC Optimus
That’s the end of the post :3
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Takara Tomy: Transformers Alternity Mitsuoka Orochi Starscream

Got this figure about couple of days ago when i was in Singapore after the first day of Raya. Couldn’t get to China Town Square in Singapore so decided to buy this guy from one of the shopping mall in Orchard.. the Takara Tomy Starscream. ..  and Yes the vehicle design is based on the car brand Mitsuoka Orochi which reminds me of a Mercedes Benz. idk.. not into the whole car thing.. they all look the same. 4 wheels.. still requires a person to operate it.. soo LOL.

Really love the Interior inside and the idea to have the doors, engine hood and trunk open up

Just gonna upload a few photos for this post because.. somehow my iPhoto exporter for Photobucket has some resize error issues so can’t really post much 😦

so i’ll cut to the chase

Good Side to this figure

has some articulations
Paint Job is well painted
Great details
Plastic quality is good. feels like metal on some certain parts
love The idea on having the doors, Hood and trunk open up like a real car
Head sculpture is not bad. looks like a Cobra xD

Down Side to: well the legs have some limit for Articulations..

Some pegs are weak to be pegged into
Very tight Leg Joints
Parts Come off easily
so this is kinda like 50/50 rate for my taste


Play Arts Kai: Spartan MK V Blue

Been Awhile since i last updated. So here’s my Post for the Square Enix Play Arts Kai
Halo Reach Spartan MK V. Just a minor Repaint for Master Chief.
Love the paint Job Given to this figure and details super accurate X3
He’s got some Strong Joints which is somehow better than Noble Six o3o
Very Stable and doesn’t fall.
sad this one doesn’t come with grenades
Figure is great, but needs to learn more from Figmas or Revoltechs

Fall Of Cybertron Jazz

This is the review for the Transformers Fall Of Cybertron: Jazz. He is a deluxe class size figure. I could say that this figure is about 7/10 stars =/. some parts are okay but it’s kinda off as the body is wider than the legs, I mean the Chest piece is nice but the legs =|. still a great figure. he can’t really do much  poses because as there are some parts that get in the way. He’s vehicle mode is much nicer than the robot mode (too me that is). Wish Hasbro given him a better gun than a pistol =/. I like the metallic blue used in the figure and the head sculpture is perfect though i wish they could do something for the legs.
Around the head piece.. the figure feels hallow as it looks like Jazz is a floating head but it’s due to transformation (Hasbro should learn from Bandai on Transforming Kits like MG Zeta >.>)
i’de say this figure is.. up to you to get it. I Just wanted it to complete the first wave. Hope the other Fall Of Cybertron don’t flaws means Starscream, Grimlock and Soundwave =/.
I’ve watched the review for Combaticons.. still gonna get it though.
that’s about it for the review
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Fall Of Cybertron: Shockwave

This is my review for the Deluxe class Fall Of Cybertron Shockwave, i must say that this is very good figure. pretty accurate to the game except it’s slightly skinny. The Design Concept is very G1 like which i like :3. Compared with the DOTM Shockwave. both are very figure. I Love the design of his vehicle mode some sort of Armor vehicle jet like. idk xD
i like the idea on having his arm as the gun instead on holding it like a pistol
did some weathering to him as well
love the purple ish painted parts but some are clear
articulations is not bad though. plenty of poses
Light Piping which is good

Transformers Prime: RiD Arcee

This is my post for the Transformers Prime Deluxe Class RID Arcee.

i usually don’t buy Prime so much.. but i kinda like Arcee only.. the rest is kinda “meh” to me.. but overall this is a great figure, transforming is pretty easy for this, but there are some robot parts that are exposed which you can see in vehicle mode. Small but that’s arcee since she’s small in the show. Perhaps the only female autobot in my collection >_>

love the weapon but it feels weird for a long gun on her. hehe but still a nice figure. great poses and aritculations, eyes are light piped which is really nice for her. i like the wings though . there was suppose to be a blade for this.. but kinda forgotten to place it ..xD

still a good figure to buy. though. i hope today i could get FOC Shockwave or Jazz