HG Age G-EXES Nemesis Prime Custom

Finished this Kit 😀 Painted it with Marker because the day was gloomy so decided to use markers =3 yes.. there’s still paint chipping off >_< Keep Forgetting to add Primer.. sigh*. ah well.


THis is really a great kit . kinda relate to. Optimus Prime though LOL..

Here’s pictures of my G-EXES =)


G-EXES (Nemesis Prime) WIP2

Today’s Progression. Started off around 6.00am in the morning after morning prayers.. can’t sleep =w=.. so decided to build up the G-EXES ( nemesis Prime color).

Just need to paint the sheild and Backpack =) just hope it doesn’t rain >_<

also gonna give him Zabanya’s Guns :3 makin him a Gunslinger since  can’t find a perfect sword for him (cuz Nemesis Prime use he’s sword alot)

G-EXES (Nemesis Prime Color) WIP01

Here’s my WIP for the HG-AGE G-EXES Model kit :3 my first AGE kit though :3 age-1.. well to me.. not poisoning enough as AGE-2 or  G-EXES or the G-Bouncer XD . since i’ve look through some photoshop edits of G-EXES or Repaints on him.. never have i seen Nemesis Prime Painted =/ (can’t say Ultra Magnus because he’s white xD) Hotrod was a good idea but i’m not good with warm Colors XD


Painted the eyes with Rouge and Black around it :3 enlarge to view the picture clearer =3

This is gonna be all black >:D and maybe wanna add some wings  by using Legos or somethin else we’ll see how this go