Optimus Prime WIP completed

Finally done with the WIP of this OPtimus Prime VOyage Class Hunt Of the decepticons version. well basically after seeing the posters of optimus from the new Transformers3: Dark of the moon, i decided to give some more touch ups. the first few WIPS were still not enough.  i can say its okay i guess. i have one more TF Figurine. but lazy 2 take pics of it =P.

OPtimus Prime WIP IV (Continues)

Yes its back XD its been a while since i last post the WIP of my Optimus Prime … nyahahha it ain’t completed yet. juz need a few more touch ups and its done ๐Ÿ™‚

Optimus Prime WIP III

Dry Brushed this Part and including the Windows ๐Ÿ™‚

DOesn’t it not look realistic ๐Ÿ˜›

In this WIP i did was sprayed this CLear Aerosol Glossy Spray.. so make look.. Glossy if you know what i mean ;).. anyways.. i didn’t have a Flat coat so ..never mind about this… nyahahahaha now its looks shinier than everXD

Optimus Prime WIP Part II.5

this post has nothing done really… juz took some shots that i did the painting and the putting the sand inside the wheels…which i don’t really know whether this could go well.. haha it ain’t a constructicon… i really neeed 1 ><” DEVASTATOR >3<

Optimus Prime WIP Part II

in this post… i did more dry brushing and did a bit of touch up.. on some parts… painted some parts with Metallic Silver (what’s the point me calling it :P).. anyways… also used some gold marker… for that realistic machine look… oh and also used normal dirt or Mud to weather some section of the wheels .. just did two wheels hehehehe..so  TO BE CONTINUED…..

Optimus Prime WIP

In this post what i did. was that i did couple of painting on it.. Painted the legs or those machinery parts silver which basically this is still under WIP because i need Tamiya Clear Black so i can really give it that Transformers Look like in the movies instead of leaving it like toy.