Play Arts kai Halo Reach: Noble Six

My First Play Arts Kai Figurine. Got him around 74$Sgd in Singapore orchard central. (forgotten the name of the shop) =w=” but it was worth paying for :3. wanted too look for some Super Robot Chogokin there.. but i’m not familliar of the roads around singapore.. because i’m always around Orchard and Bugis. >_< wanted to go China Town Square to get some 3rd party Transformers.. but i still don’t know how to get there =A=” anyways.

for this figure i’ve got to love Play Arts. Articulations. is 50/50 i can say. Can’t stand still though >_<” hope i could get more >:D
poisoned by KAT and Emile. really salutes the paintjobs for Play Arts. weathering.. OMG..

and love the details of the figure on how they captured it like the video game Halo Reach. shocking that the whole team dies. (except for jun) -,-”