Cyclonus Part II

this is the 2nd Post for Cyclonus. why Part II? because the first one was posted yesterday along with Rodimus 🙂
was bored so decided to give some touch ups . Did a few research on Cyclonus Customs.. so decided to dry brush it ^_^. my grey marker is history so had to use Mr color Silver.. and sorta over did it T_____T so had to use Black Marker and a Cloth to reduce it grrrr
Painted light Purple sections to silver and added a bit of Black :3
for him.. still in progress. its either it needs a Whole Repaint or.. add flames :3 so gonna need to buy some Acrylic Paints. also gave him Panel Lining oh and on the Cyclonus too both are very detailed. and i need a new pen. mine broke 😥

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